Common Construction Terms

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– A policyholder’s demand for restitution for damages suffered from a covered loss. Most policies specifically state that it is the homeowners responsibility to document their claim.

No Claim

– No evidence of damage or, the damage was not caused by a covered loss or, the claim was made for an event or date which the damage did not occur.


– The amount of money the insurance company can withhold from payment of your claim until you have your repairs completed.


– A request for the insurance company to send out a second adjuster. Typically a homeowner or a contractor will disagree with the final adjuster and set up an appointment to validate a claim and reach an agreeable price.


– A request for an increase in the approved settlement to account for additional scope of repairs, price increases, missed items, general contractors overhead and profit, and, the final check written for the withheld depreciation.

Scope of Loss and Replacement Cost Estimate

– Your adjuster will inspect your property, determine whether you have sustained a covered loss, itemize the property and building components, and estimate the replacement cost of the repairs/replacement or personal property

Hit, Bruise, Split, Indention

– Names given to the visible impact of hail on a composition shingle or wood shingle or shake.

Composition Shingles

– Also known as fiberglass asphalt. Comes in 3-tab, laminated (dimensional), and other styles.


– The standard flat strip composition shingle.

Laminated, Dimensional

– A composition shingle that resembles the look of a wood roof.


– The black tar paper that is installed over the plywood deck and underneath the shingles.


– The line where two roof sections intersect.

Tear Off

– Removing one or all layers of roofing.


– 100 square feet, a 10’ x 10’ area

Lien Waiver

– Contractor’s and supplier’s statement that they have or will be paid and give up their right to file a lien which releases the mortgage company and homeowner from financial liability.


– The spinning vent also called a whirlybird

Line Item

– A description and unit price of each operation that make up the processes involved in a repair replacement estimate.

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